About the Trotters

HBT are named after Hunters Bog, a flat marshy area of Holyrood Park between Arthurs Seat and the Salisbury Crags. We take a less conventional approach to running than most clubs, striving to balance training hard with enjoying ourselves. HBT are non-elitist, and we welcome runners of all ages and abilities. We have athletes regularly representing Scotland and occasionally Great Britain in hill and cross-country events.

Club history

HBT was founded in 1980 by Robin ‘YP’ Thomas and numerous of his comrades.

The club history has been documented by observers over the years. We shall let them speak for themselves:

“Trotters frown on egotism, those who take themselves too seriously, and particularly on the too-intense pursuit of excellence. Winning races is discouraged, even ensured, by the most bizarre means. Some of their number, for example, even stop during road and cross-country races, when the location of hostelries permits, to partake of a pint, ideally of real ale, before continuing.”

(The Herald, 19 January 1995, https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12671422.gb-cap-could-leave-mowbray-in-a-quandary/)

“Who are these elusive yet highly capable athletes?”

“They do it for the running and the beer. Everything else can go hang.”

“Run 100 miles in 100 hours.. drink 100 pints… Great club.. they’ve been down here for a weekend away and gave the barman sore arms from all the ale pulling..”

“HBT [is] Edinburgh based and they will take anybody on, it’s not a closed club. They were formed on the basis of strict non-conformity, which … is the reason for the plain brown vests. They are a very friendly but eccentric bunch that take great delight in their somewhat off the wall antics and reputation. However, they have (and have had) some absolutely fantastic runners. …they are beasts on the fells and also at the bar. Cracking bunch. More running clubs should follow their lead.”

“…their application to affiliate to Scottish Athletics as “The Bog Trotters” [was] turned down on the grounds that a club with plain brown vests and plain brown shorts, with the name “Bog Trotters” would bring athletics into disrepute. So, as “Hunters Bog” is on their home patch, they re-applied in that guise and were accepted.”

“First came across them in a campsite at 1991 world cup in zermatt. Complete and utter monsters!!!”


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