Welcome to the website of the World-famous Hunters Bog Trotters. We consider ourselves to be Edinburgh’s finest and most social running club.

HBT was founded in Edinburgh in 1980 as a club for runners who liked the student lifestyle, but were sadly no longer students. It has since grown to become a large club that welcomes anyone, regardless of ability. Our ethos is all about running and racing for the fun of it – in essence, we are for runners who don’t take things too seriously.

Our members primarily participate in cross-country, hill races, road races and (ultra-)marathons. Sometimes we win things too, which is always a nice bonus, but never the main aim. Our philosophy is that the club has had a good race if we had the first runner, the last runner, and the most runners.

The club has a few long standing traditions and social events that might seem strange at first, but all add to the fun of being a Trotter.

Weekly Training

Trotter Training: Thursday night intervals, led by the club’s captains. 7pm. Meet at DVC (“Dick Vet Corner”, the corner of the Meadows nearest the old Dick Vet School, now called Summerhall; see map below). You will usually hear Trotters refer to this session as “TT”. It is always followed by post-training beers & refreshments in a local drinking establishment. There is usually a more casual social run option too.

In addition to our Thursday night intervals, we have training & social runs throughout the week and race regularly. Club members also meet up for bonus training sessions and informal group runs, especially in the Pentlands.

Trottettes: Wednesday group run for women members. Casual and social pace. Meets at a member’s home at 6:30pm and is followed by dinner. Contact Angela for more info: trotettemin@huntersbogtrotters.com.

MPC training: Intervals on Monday nights for anyone who considers themselves (or aspires) to be “mid-pack cack”. Meet at 6:30pm by the Sainsbury’s on Middle Meadow Walk. Contact Simon H for more info: simonh84@outlook.com

Sunday long run: A longer social run. Organised irregularly / spontaneously, depending on the racing calendar. Usually either goes to the Pentlands, or along the Canal. Sometimes both.