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A (totally predictable, boringly chronological) backward look …  

2 Mar. – Trotters top trio in Holyrood Lunchtime Handicap 

  1. Kai 26.48 (PB)
  2. PFG 27.22
  3. Ben 30.20 (PB)

7 Mar. – Megan utterly destroys opposition in UK Inter County Championships/British Cross Challenge, Loughborough!

Those of you who’ve seen the SAL Home Page will be well aware of the magnificent win!(U20W)  1  Megan K       23.34       (not a narrow win, either – a full 34 secs. clear of 2nd!)Course? – “thick, cloying mud” whimpers SAL wesite report.A fine picture of Megan (+ trophy) appears on SAL Home/Propaganda page. Congratulations from me/HBT via TDAK  “duly passed on – she knows the Trotters are watching!  …   Gosh it’s good to have a proper athlete in the house. (“About time” they cried.)
“It was a tip top run and she scooped a large paycheque too!  For me, racing permission was cancelled, my back is still work in progress.  So I was left at home to try to change a toilet.   Needless to say my task took much longer than Megan’s race and was massively less successful.  Megan’s run also didn’t result in  a household flood and a forthcoming requirement to abuse HBT mail for Inverness plumbers!
“The fact that Flybe fell apart about 12 hours before departure necessitating the companion also becoming chauffeur for the weekend [1000 mile journey]. Thank God for spouses!.
“So the toilet broods upstairs, a monument to my plumbing ineptitude. And still work in progress, but I have a further supply of washers, and an idea which may solve it yet and spare further embarrassment!  Fear not, you will be kept abreast of further developments!
“Yes you have correctly identified the true household hero of the weekend [spouse martyr chauffeur].  Watching one’s nears and dears triumph is its own reward and is as fulfilling as it is startling.  Onwards and upwards!
“All the Plumbing best”

7 Mar. – Mairead on podium on canal towpath! This re-appearance in the Jack Crawford Springburn Cup, Bishopriggs – much of course on nearby canal towpath. but some of it on trail – slippery/muddy on its day.72/6 – Mairead     44.57 (3SenW)

7 Mar. – Alastair Hay [multiple winner of Scottish National CC Championships] the only runner able to beat Top Trotter James in Cupar 5 RR! 2  James W     HBT     25.44       

7 Mar. – Parkrun preferences …Plean: 4/1  Claire       21.13 (LB)  6   Dan          21.39 (LB + 2M40-4)

Blackhill, Blackhill & Consett Park, Co. Durham: 18  Mickey        59.59 (LB + 2M30-4)     Chip timing on a sickie? Everybody given 59.59! Recorders finding stopwatches too technical? 

Vogrie: 28  Pete K         23.27 (3M60-4) 50  Castro  I      25.10 (2M50-4)

Oriam:  3   Huw          18.53 (PB + 2M35-0) 4   Stuart        18.57 (3M35-9)14  Gash          21.31 (LB +  4M35-9)

Old Deer Park, Richmond on Thames:  9/1   Megan W       21.40 (LB)11/3  Cerys               21.50 (LB + 1JF10)Warm-up for a Sunday race? (e.g. Thames H&H?)

Hazlehead: 242  Jim W/S     32.36 (4M60-4)

North Lakes, (26km north of) Brisbane: 47/8  Zoe K      24.26  (LB + 1F45-9)

Portobello:     22     JJ                      20.09 (3M45-9)  43/5   Shona & Co      21.17 or less     44    Fergus              21.17 or less (LB + 2JM10)   105    Brian                 23.29 (2M60-4)267/86  Hazel                30.49 (16F35-9)”This week’s Portobello parkrun results cunningly disguise Fergus’s debut as an ‘unknown’ in 44th place (watch time of 21.17 but I may have started it a bit late, was quite far back due to the buggy faff at the start). “This was my second anonymous parkrun in a row – either I still haven’t remembered to print out a barcode or I am guarding my offspring’s privacy with the ferocity of JK Rowling …  “ATFB,”Shona and Co”

Newcastle (upon Tyne): 281/72   Fionna       27.33 (10F30-4)

Edinburgh:   1    Jimmy D        16.02220  Chris              24.33 (1M70-4)345  Allan               26.57 (2M70-4)

8 Mar. – Inverness Half: 652  Coll       107.22       Top Trotter!

8 Mar. – Glenkiln RR: 40  Castro  II      105.14Course unmeasured – but seemingly between 23/2 and 12 mls.

8 Mar. – Scurry round Corstorphine Hill   69/11  Phyllis           55.05     88     Brian  II         58.08142/47  Janice             71.12Everybody of two score years of more was included in the age category “40s”

Borders Cross Country Series (VII), ChirnsideThe race at Dunbar on 23 Mar. has had to be cancelled – BUT can nevertheless be counted towards your race total for the series. SO if you’ve only managed to run in a meagre three races (like me!), Dunbar can count as your FOURTH race! “Very lenient/generous!” say some.   “FFS!” say others.    “TFFT!” others again.Junior race; 1  Innes         16.18 (M12-13)
Senior race:      3      Alex            26.48 (2MS)     8      Oleg           27.40 (6MS)     9      PFG            27.55 (7MS)      10     Dave W      28.12 (1M400          40     Neil            33.56 (6M50)115/31  Lucy           45.49 (7FS)Course as PFG as ever!HBT winning male team in all races – certainly for the League. But individual age/gender placings for full series/league still awaited on-line.  Had one been at the prize-giving at Chirnside of course, such details were awarded/applauded!Megan ran one x 2nd,  one x 3rd, one x 4th, one x 5th (this being 3 x 1F40, 1 x 3F40),Alex had four x 3rds + one x 2nd;  Mark two x 2nd + two x 1st;  Oleg two x 4th, one x 5th, one x 6th, one x 8th;  Ray one x 3rd, one x 4th,  two x 7th, one x 8th (all 1 x M40);  Dave W one x 6th, one x 10th, one x 12th, one x 15th (all 2M40)    
In the junior age-groups, Cerys was winning F8-9,  Innes winning U12-13M,  and Angus (seemingly) 2nd M14-15  (2 x 1st,  2 x 3rd – winner a drug cheat from Gala getting 4 x 1st).

A backward look …
2/1/20 – Greenmantle Dash (lest you’d not spotted e-results eventually, unobtrusively, coming on-line!)    4    Tom            16.38    7    Kai              17.34    13   Craig          18.42   16/1  Jill              19.22    22/2  Georgia      20.32     30/3  Briony        22.18        43    WHB          24.05         76    Castro       30.51 (19M50-4)Team-wise, Trotter women clearly were invincible! BUT Trotter men also made it onto the esteemed team podium – 3rd with three to count; 4th with four.The usual hedonistic post-race gathering (for which the race is famous) followed –  soup, beer, blether and prizegiving – was revelled in afterwards!

25/1/20 – Ras Terrenhendre 14/3 – Miranda     59.58 (1F35-9)      “I was pleased to beat the one-hour barrier!”

27 Feb. – KB Handicap   2    Jelmer         23.56 (1M35)   4    JJ                 27.04 (1M45)   8    Chris           33.50 (1M70)10/2  Deborah     34.46 (1F60)

29/2/20 – Podium for HBT team in Allan Scally Road Relays! 22  HBT (M40)        67.57 (2M40!)
Stevie 16.56 (fastest M50 of day);         Ray 16.25 (3rd fastest M40 of day);                  Dave W 16.51 (8th fastest of all M40);                          Phil 17.45 (39M40)   “FFS! Injury avoidance and finishing the race sole priorities!”The above are official/final times (see Runbritain results) – as opposed to those appearing in provisional results – each Trotter a second faster in the latter!

29/2/20 – Kraprunning contingent – 2 x LB; 3 x PB; 15 x podium placings (or thereby) 
Loch Leven: 22  Jamie B  (I)   25.44  (2M40-4)

Vogrie:   1    Angus  I           17.57 (PB + 1M15-17)9/1  Megan  I          21.09 (1F45-9)

Oriam:     5     Mickey         20.21 (PB + 3M30-4)   87    Danny F       30.19  (5M40-4)90/24  Fionna         30.32 (PB + 5F30-4)

Victoria Dock, London: 161/51  Janice        28.17 (2F60-4)

Lancaster: 13  Dan B     21.15 (LB + 3M40-4)

Strathclyde: 31  Brian  I    27.27 (1M60-4)     “Uninspiring course!” 

Clevedon Salthouse Fields, Somersat: 69/7  Ali       25.03 (LB + 1F50-4)         “Warm weather training’s magic!”

Portobello:     22      JJ                20.21 (6M45-9)130/18  Elspeth       24.30 (2F35-9)  

Edinburgh:        1      Richard           17.10       9      Stuart              18.25 (1M35-9)      12     Dan MC          18.37 (3M30-4)      67     Neil                 21.15 (4M50-4)   96/13  Amelia             21.48 (3W35-9)    137     Duncan B        22.57 (2M60-4)    177     DHJ et al         23.56 (17M35-9)    274     Chris  I            26.17 (1M70-4)461/136  Rici & Co         31.25 (22F30-4)    

I Mar. – Bishop Hill Race Course wet and muddy. Bonus rain during race.46  Jamie B  II        32.02 (9M40-9)Fewer Trotters than usual …

1 Mar. – “Doon by the River” 10k 33/2  Shona        38.48        Tentative race after long injury (e.g. plantar fasciitis) – and straight back onto the podium! Legs not now wrecked, one hopes! 

1 Mar. – Meadows Half 35/3  Catriona B      98.17 (1F40)         Topping podium again!

1 Mar. – Lasswade 10 RR    8    Craig F       65.17          Top Trotter!   48   Neil T        76.48 (6M50)  69/3  Rachel      79.58 (4F35)    102  Brian  II     85.50 (9M60)   “Course maximalist contrast with yesterday’s Strathclyde Parkrun!”     143  Chris  II     95.40 (2M70)     “Ditto compared with yesterday’s Edinburgh Kraprun” 

2 Mar. – Holyrood Lunchtime Handicap FK.  No sign as yet on CHRD webshite. No doubt Jamie, Kai and PFG featured prominentlyResults shown in next week’s WS (famous last words?).

3 Mar. – Trotters dominate Blast at the Meadows 5k! 3   Mark R          19.53 (M40) 8   Dunc             22.54 (M60)11  Castro           24.34 (M50)Winning team?  HBT Most mature team, too!

15/2/20 – Scottish Night Flagfinding Championships Course 2 [6.175k/65m]:       11 Ray   52.02Course 4 [4.675m/55m]:      2 Megan K   34.55 Course 6 [1.875k/15m]:      12 Laurence     34.36;          8 Lucy  21.42 (N/C)

16/2/20 – SO League 1, Darnaway Short Brown [7.075k/225m]:      2 Ray   61.31Blue [6.425k/220m]:             3/1 Megan K    49.39Short Green [3.475k/100m]:      13 Sheila    61.41 (2F70-4)Light Green [3.25k/90m]:      Laurence    NTG     [W7 + W10]Yellow [2.4k/45m]:            1 Lucy   23.51

29/2/20 – Butterdean Wood flagchasing, HaddingtonLight Green [4.4k/50m]     11 Angus II   48.01;    14/3 Megan II  51.17 (1F45)Orange [3.4k/30m]      1 Innes   34.23Yellow [1.9k/20m]       1 Cerys  14.17;     4 Gregor  19.01White [1.3k/10m]       1 Cerys II  6.59;      5 Gregor II  12.11 (1M10) 

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